There are some people you can chat to for ages about doing a photo shoot and it just never seems to happen. Max The Pony is one of those guys. We have chatted for about two or three years about doing a shoot but we’ve recently reconnected on Instagram and we have locked in a shoot on the 8th April. I’m getting much better at just booking shoots in and not procrastinating.

Max is a sweet guy, a sex worker and has one of the most enormous penises I’ve ever seen. You get a vague impression of it in these photos but they don’t do it justice. The damn thing gets ENORMOUS. So we are finally going to do some shots. I’m aiming for a very horny edition of the pdf downloads I’ve been selling and we will also create some great content for his Onlyfans. We are talking all sorts of things which will be fun to do.

His page is only fairly new but when it hits 100 followers he is going to start posting some more explicit content than just jerk off videos and photos etc.

Comments are still broken on this blog which is driving me crazy but feel free to leave suggestions on the Facebook Page of what imagery you would like to see us create on the shoot!