Tomorrow morning I have a photo shoot with Woody Fox. Woody is a guy that I’ve known for a few years now and photographed for a couple of times for my second exhibition. Woody isn’t his real name. It’s his porn name. He’s back in Australia for a little while and we had talked about doing a shoot so that is what we are doing.

Now when a porn model wants to do a shoot with you, there is kind of an assumption that they’ll be ok with doing full frontal, possibly erotic shots. Now Woody clearly has no problem doing that but we can’t do any of that because of his contract with Falcon Studios. Apparently we are only allowed to shoot stuff that is “Instagram friendly.” Well damn, doesn’t that seem like a bit of a shame?

Having a porn model like Woody in front of my camera I naturally was thinking about the pdf download that we might get to produce. We will still be doing nudes but unless he’s changed his mind, there won’t be any of Woody’s wood.