Having shared a lot of my life over the12 years this blog has been going and sharing a lot of photography, very willingly, you start to learn a bit about human nature.

One thing that has come to my attention is that gay men are a bunch of horny folks and enough is never enough. If I post a shot of a super sexy guy in underwear, they want the undies off. If I post a non-frontal nude, they want frontal. If I post frontal, they want erect. If I post erect, they want it buried so far deep in someone else he may as well climb inside the person and use him like a sleeping bag.

I get it. I’m a horny homo myself and I love seeing hot guys naked but photographers post what they are willing to share. We aren’t going to go “Oops, sorry to post the modest stuff when I really must have meant to post the graphically detailed sex stuff!”

Sometimes I get the impression that gay men have never seen a cock before in their life. We all know that isn’t true.

Pro tip, if a model isn’t shown with his wang out, or the wang isn’t hard go to tumblr. There are THOUSANDS of cock shots, fuck pics, gifs, videos and cum shots on there. Easy. Get your cock out and have at it and enjoy.