In an attempt to overhaul my body a little bit, I bought an 8 week bodyweight transformation program. For a while there I almost enjoyed it. Today was the last workout of the program and I have to say I’m very relieved.

For the first half of the program I was feeling really good but by week 7 I’d hit the wall. I was feeling really run down and needed a few days off from the gym. Ultimately it took me 9 weeks to finish off the program.

In my usual way, I didn’t do as much as I could have to transform myself, not really changing my diet that much but I had no intention of looking like a Men’s Health Cover Model. As a result I haven’t actually lost any weight. What has happened is that I feel much better, my fitness has improved and my body has changed a bit. The back fat has decreased and everything else has toned up and even my butt is a little firmer than it was. I’d say that overall it has been a success.

From here I will be incorporating some of the workouts into my regular gym routine. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to lifting heavy weights but I will go back to things like the battle ropes and kettle bells.

Above is a photo from the weekend. Yesterday, after photographing the beautiful Leonardo I took the opportunity of a beautiful morning combined with a nude beach at my feet, to go for a swim and Leonardo offered to take a couple of snaps for me. I can’t believe that it’s had so many likes on Instagram in one day.