I make no secret of the fact I develop a crush on some of my models. Some I lust after, some I laugh with and the (thankfully) rare one I barely tolerate. Today was a crush kind of day. Leonardo is a 23 year old Italian traveller enjoying exploring life here in Australia. He’s a tattoo enthusiast and aspiring tattoo artist. He’s also a surfer and a bit of a hippy, free soul. Having never done a photo shoot before, he said yes when I asked. He even has “One life, one chance” tattooed on his knees.

Leonardo isn’t the type of guy that I usually go for at all. I’m not a massive fan of a lot of tattoos or piercings but there is something incredibly sexy about Leonardo. His vibe is very chilled, relaxed and open to whatever life brings his way. It’s that attitude that he brought to the shoot. Happy to do full frontal it was just something that he thought he was being given the opportunity to do so why not?

All of this definitely meant that I had a crush on Leonardo by the end of the shoot. In two weeks he is leaving Sydney and embarking on new adventures. I’m certainly glad that he agreed to do a photo shoot with me.

If you want to buy the booklet “Bohemian” celebrating Leonardo’s hippy, surfer vibe the head to my shop and download it! If anyone wants to buy a print of Leonardo, just get in touch and we can work it out!