A very good friend of mine is having surgery tomorrow. It’s big, important surgery that will have lasting effects. If he’s been aware that he was at risk and had recognised symptoms earlier he may not be in this position. What is the problem? My friend is only 41 and he has an enlarged prostate.

The surgery tomorrow takes out part of his prostate which has been blocking his urethra and cutting off the flow from the bladder. The only reason they found this was because it caused a life-threatening infection.

Looking back my friend had had trouble from this for years. We are all lead to believe that we only need to have our prostates checked over forty and I’m still yet to have a check at 44. I guess the message I have hear is to acknowledge symptoms. If you have trouble peeing, a low flow, pain or anything, get it checked regardless of your age.

One of the side effects of this surgery is that he may never ejaculate again. It’s a heart breaking result but ongoing infections, a failing bladder and constant ill health is worse. The ideal solution is to recognise symptoms early and get it fixed. GO GET CHECKED!