Sometimes you just need a friend to do recommend something you’ve always been curious about to give it a go yourself. No, I’m not talking about anything sexual.

About a month ago some friends of mine went to a psychic. They both had some absolutely spot on information come from the psychic without him having any way at all of knowing the details that he mentioned. In my typical Libran fashion I am equal parts sceptical about it and a believer. So what can I do? Go and see the psychic myself.

While I didn’t have any “rock my world” kind of moments, there were a few things that he said that made a lot of sense and he was spot on about. Like a lot of people, one of the things I wanted to hear about was my love life. Obviously there are no guarantees and the psychic doesn’t have any way of knowing for sure but he did say there was someone out there for me, but they aren’t someone who I know or have in my life right now.

It could be complete bollocks but even just hearing that from the psychic is comforting.