The word blessed is thrown around way too easily these days, just like amazing. It’s starting to lose it’s value and as someone that isn’t religious it feels weird using it anyway but at the moment I do feel pretty blessed. On Wednesday I posted a tweet about feeling alone. That evening a friend of mine who lives interstate gave me a call just to check in and make sure I was ok. He saw the tweet and was a little worried. To be clear, I do get lonely and have my “down” moments but I don’t suffer from clinical depression nor do I have any thoughts of self harm or suicide but my god it was nice that he called.

Just yesterday I was checking out the newly renovated iconic Imperial Hotel with friends and ran into a guy that I’d gone on dates with last year. Every time I see him it throws me a bit. It’s getting much better and last night we texted and are going to catch up for a beer as friends only next week. My bestie girlfriend does not approve. She doesn’t understand why I want to even be friends or in touch with someone who she believes treated me like shit. I disagree with her on that point. From my perspective he, like a lot of us, has some baggage that he needs to work through and sure, he didn’t handle things the best after he called it off but I firmly believe there was no malice or hurt intended. He just went into his own meltdown.

While we don’t agree on me catching up with him being a good idea, I am extremely grateful that I have such a dear friend keeping an eye out for me and making sure I don’t put myself in harms way. She’s not a violent person but I’d hate to be a person she believes wronged one of her friends.

These are the people we need in our lives. I’m not sure I’m always the best at being there for people but I do try. These friends are setting a great example for me.