Iceland, that amazing country that is so beautifully progressive and sensible. The incredibly stupid situation in America around guns, health care and even elephant hunting trophies looks even more wildly stupid when compared to some of the incredibly good legislation being passed in Iceland.

Not that long ago it was reported that Iceland had legislated that all bibles be sold with a mental health warning. Brilliant. That novel has done more harm than can possibly be justified by giving people hope that a man in the sky is going to forgive them one day for being a bit naughty, i.e. having fun.

A bill is currently before Icelandic parliament to ban most circumcisions. The bill says that circumcision should only be practiced when there is a medical necessity and that it is wrong for any genitals or part thereof to be removed from a child. If an adult chooses to be circumcised later in life then that is up to them.

Understandably some religious groups are angry. Circumcision is a very ritualised and important part of the Jewish faith and part of me thinks that should be allowed. I definitely don’t agree with people cutting off part of their newborn sons just to make it look neater or “more like daddy”.

I bear no ill will towards my parents for having me circumcised because it was so common back in the 70’s here in Australia. There is no need to do it these days. Sure there is some evidence that it lowers the risk of STD transmission but that is an adults situation to be dealt with and you can easily teach a teenager to wear a condom.