We all know by now that I’m keeping an eye out for a new living arrangement. I’m not in a desperate hurry to move but it’s time for things to change I think. So last week I put a post on Truenudists saying I was looking for a room. All good. Why wouldn’t I, as someone fond of not wearing anything, want to possibly find somewhere to live where that would be fine?

Someone commented on the post that they had just found a place in the right area and it was a shame as he thought we’d work well as housemates. His new housemate doesn’t do the nude thing. Nothing weird so far right?

It was the next bit that told me that we were definitely not a match to live with. After saying his housemate wasn’t walking around he followed it with “I still show him my boner though”. Um. What the fuck? It’s just not ok to walk around waving your boner at people that don’t want to see it. It used to be called flashing, now it’s called sexual assault.

It’s a bit sad how often the nudist world is tarnished by the more perverted element.