Gays and their wrestling. It seems to be a match made in heaven. I’m not so into wrestling myself but I certainly get the man on man appeal.

About 9 years ago I had an email from some readers of this blog who put their hand up to do a shoot with me. They made no claim to be professional models but just thought they’d see what I said. I said yes. We got up early one morning to go and do the shoot in some sand dunes about 30 minutes away. We hadn’t budgeted on the boot camp groups and football teams all running up and down the sand dunes.

Once we found a quiet, out of the way spot, the guys got their gear off and started to wrestle. You might think that a gay couple, wrestling for a photo shoot might have taken it easy. You’d be wrong. These guys really wrestled, worked up a sweat and took it very seriously.

The shots are much less posed than most of my shoots. As a result it has a different and more candid feel but it worked really well with the rough and tumble nature of what the guys were doing.

In the years since, these two guys have become good mates and it was really fun to go back through these shots and have a giggle about that day. We never did get caught.

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