A little over a week I had a quiet-isa weekend so I found myself trawling Netflix to find something to watch. When I saw the new version of Queer Eye, I was apprehensive. Was this necessary? Would it be too cheesy? In 2018 the gay rights movement has come so far with Marriage Equality legal in a lot of countries around the world, would the show still be relevant?

I have to admit that Jonathan the grooming guy was a bit full on at first. Shortly after though I, like a lot of others, bloody loved him. He’s completely over the top and camp as hell but he’s just being fiercely himself and he won over every single guy they made over.

The whole team are likeable and do a brilliant job of revamping the lives of all the guys. It’s far from a cosmetic, superficial transformation. They genuinely get to the bottom of why these guys have ended up the way they have. As a result I ended up crying in every damned episode apart from one. One of the guys just didn’t seem to embrace the experience or give any emotion back.