There were a few people coming to Sydney for Mardi Gras that I wanted to work with. Sadly most of them were all only here for a short time at the same time which makes shooting them all difficult. When one of them is the delightful Timothy, you lock that one in. Sure, I’ve already photographed him three, , before but he’s always worth it.

One of the other candidates was someone I’ve been chatting to on Instagram for a while now but he also lives interstate. Josh doesn’t have the dance background that Timothy does but he’s a singer, actor and burlesque performer. They seemed like they would be a good physical match. I also had a pretty good gut feeling that their temperaments would work well together.

The end result as you can see is pretty homoerotic and sensual without being too graphic or sexual. Some of the shots where they look like they are dancing on the cliff are so good. I am pretty sure I’ll release one or two for limited edition print sales and stay tuned for a future download.