Today I saw a tweet about the poster for the new movie “Wrinkle in Time”. The tweet said that it was a lovely poster but “This is a great poster – but don’t they want little boys to see this too?” I’m guessing because it was full of imagery of the female leads and it’s all pinks and pretty colours.

Seriously? I’m stunned that someone thinks that because there is pink in the poster, boys will not want to see the movie. My response was “It’s parents conditioning that teaches kids to only like things if it’s got the same gender on the poster. If little boys won’t see it because of the poster it’s bad parenting, not bad design.”

It’s parents like that who teach their daughters to be pretty and sons to be lawyers. It’s them that tell their daughters to be careful when they go out as young adults, yet fail to teach their sons to be respectful to women.

Besides, isn’t it time we have posters favouring little girls? The world has been tailored to little boys and little men for far too long. It’s time to grow up. Meanwhile, enjoy the trailer.