Jorge and I have collaborated twice before on photo shoots with the first being especially popular on my youtube channel. For a few months now we have been talking about doing another shoot and finally, a few weeks ago we got around to it. Jorge had floated the idea of being a woodland nymph in this shoot and I loved the idea. I’m not sure I pulled it off completely as I don’t think I was on my best form that day.

It goes without saying that Jorge was looking as ridiculously sexy as ever and his cheeky nature was in full flight. He has tried to tell people that he nearly died on this shoot, falling out of and being impaled on a tree but thankfully that’s not true. He apparently doesn’t spend a lot of time climbing trees. Who knew?

As I said, I’m not sure these are my finest work but they look pretty cool with a bit of editing to add some “grit” to them.