When you think of a magic show we typically think of cheesy moves, a token bimbo assistant and some hopefully amazing trickery. I’m sure these guys deliver some elements of that but they also deliver nudity. According to their website “This boisterous R-rated magic show strips away the top hats and capes, promising full-frontal illusions. Left without sleeves or pockets, their saucy magic is baffling and entertaining, bringing a new meaning to “now you see it”.

They are about to tour Australia and bring their very cheeky brand of performance and their pretty sexy selves to the stage. I’m not sure what their typical audience is but I’m guessing it’s hens nights and mostly women. I wonder what they think of their gay audiences?

A quick google image search does suggest they get men in their audience and they pose nude for photos with the audience members after the show. I love it! It’s no surprise that I’m quite tempted to buy tickets.