It was merely three days ago that I posted about my new job. It’s an exciting time. The stability very much suits my temperament. As much as I love the idea of racing off in a converted van to live on the road and explore Australia taking photos and video, having a steady income and somewhere to be every day makes me feel secure. That’s not to say the van life won’t win out one day. You never know.

On Friday night however, my plans to treating myself to a drone may have taken a slight hit. At the wedding I was taking photos at as well as being celebrant, my camera started doing a lot of weird things. The built in flash no longer folds and stays down and quite often I started getting error and “busy” warnings which is not at all ideal. Photography may not be my primary career but of late it has earnt me some pretty good pocket money through the occasional sale of prints and through the sale of the digital downloads.

I had been thinking about upgrading my camera as it is several years old but up until Friday night it has been doing everything I have asked of it. Can I afford a new camera? Not really. I could get the new version of the camera I have (Canon 7D) for $2,150, or take the step up to a full frame sensor in the 6D for $2,600. From there if I want to go up to any one of the 5D models it’s $5,000. Ouch. If I want to do more commercial work a full frame sensor is going to give me more image to work with but the 5D feels a long way off in terms of my budget.

My mind went in to panic mode when the camera started to play up as it naturally would. My camera has helped me create some great images and work with some beautiful people and they are not cheap to replace as you can see. I even thought about a Kickstarter program and who knows, I might still do it. It’s not like I’d actually just be asking for money. I’d be selling prints etc as the “rewards” for the program. So much to think about.

First stop though, is to see if I can just get this one fixed.