Looking for photo shoots to turn into pdf downloads to sell is giving me opportunities to reinterpret old photo shoots. I finished making this one “Home Alone” featuring the delicious Scott, @strapsandlines on Instagram, when I noticed that I did the shoot exactly one year ago tomorrow.

Scott had just broken up with a girlfriend and was living in an almost empty apartment. It had beautiful soft natural lighting coming in and we decided that it would work really nicely. Scott is not a shy man and he looks beautiful nude. He’s been performing straps in various circus environments around New Zealand and Australia and the work he has put in really shows. He’s also completely hairless from the neck down, something that won’t please those of you that like your men furry but those of us that like a bit, or a lot of grooming will find it very sexy.

I hope you’re all enjoying these digital downloads. I think this is the biggest one yet at 54 pages and yes, for all of you who like a bit of full frontal in your downloads, this one has it. It doesn’t have any erotic content but it does serve up some full frontal for you. So click here to visit my shop where you can by “Home Alone”, now one of eight different downloads for sale, or maybe even one of the limited edition, hand signed or numbered prints available as well.