For the last five weeks I’ve been freelancing at an agency here in Sydney. There was always a chance of a full time role going but the term “over qualified” had been used to describe me which I think ultimately translated to “too expensive”. They did some interviews for the role but a couple of weeks ago they asked me if I was interested in staying on for longer than the initial freelance booking and they’d test me out before crunching numbers.

Today they offered me a permanent role. The money isn’t quite what my recruiter was hoping to get for me but it’s not a step backwards so I’m happy.

The great part is that they now have someone with more experience and a broader range of skills than the person I’m replacing and we are already talking about some great ways to make the most of that which will not only help them but it will be great for me as well. I tend not to start a job thinking about it as a stepping stone to other jobs but if this doesn’t work out this role will look great on my resume and give me some much needed diversity in my portfolio after 9 years in my previous job.

Now that is sorted I can start thinking about other parts of my life that need to change. I think it’s time to start looking for somewhere new to live. There is also a strong chance that I’m going to treat myself to an “employment” present of a drone. Exciting times.