Each year there is a battle in society that wages. It may not look like it but it’s a fierce battle between those that love Valentine’s Day and those that see it as commercial bullshit.

Mostly couples that have been together for at least couple of years are the ones fighting the system and trying to claim that romance can happen any day of the year. They’d be right but how often do some of them actually make romantic efforts with their partners? Conversely most of the people saying they love Valentine’s are the ones in very loved up, fairly fresh relationships.

There is a third army in this battle but they don’t see a lot of active duty. The singles. We are the people torn between picking sides a lot of the time. We see the day as the commercial money making scheme that it is and don’t want to buy into it but then we would also love to be one of those smug couples holding hands and sharing an ice cream after a romantic dinner. Society tells us that we can’t be happy without someone and February 14 is full of over priced cheesy reminders that we don’t have anyone so no matter how happy we are single the day still stings a bit.

To make my day much happier though, I’m actually doing the most romantic thing I’ve ever done on Valentine’s in my life. I’m performing my first same sex wedding ceremony tomorrow night. It’s a very small, brief “make it legal” kind of ceremony but it will definitely bring a smile to my face.