When you make a decision, consciously or subconsciously to start sharing elements of yourself online, no matter what you share people will want more.

It may not be rational but I seem to have very firm ideas about context and what is appropriate for sharing on various platforms. Sure, my Instagram is full of my naked butt which may contravene their guidelines but I’m far from alone on that one. Tumblr seems to me, to be the way to go if you want to be more graphic in your sharing. I’ve shared frontal images of me on there and even on this blog so I’m not claiming to be shy in any way.

What I don’t understand is when I get messages on Instagram with no chat beforehand, no sense of connection or even just a sharing vibe. Those messages are “can you send me a dick shot?”
Guess what? No! These usually come from people who have no photos of themselves in any recognisable form on their own feed but they figure because they can see just about every other part of me on there I’ll be willing to share a colonoscopy video and a blood sample.
Maybe I’m being unrealistic or naive but surely they can’t be that desperate to see my cock? There are millions of photos of way bigger and beautiful porn star cocks online. Go find a thousand of those.