Just over a week ago the new season of “I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here” started here in Australia. As usual there are a lot of people that half of Australia had no clue about.

There are some regular types that they put into the jungle and one of those is an AFL player. For those outside Australia, AFL is Australian rules Football and it is nothing like Rugby Union or Rugby League. It is a game I’m not familiar with but I do know the players are incredible athletes. The “Centres” run an average of 14km (9 miles) and they run the least of anyone on the field.

This year’s AFL player is clearly one I’m not familiar with but I would love to be much more familiar with is Josh Gibson. He’s a three time premiership winning player for Hawthorn. Thankfully he seems to have taken to walking around without a shirt in camp. For that, I’m eternally grateful.