Two weeks ago I asked a guy that I’d photographed several years ago if I could use his photos for a digital booklet to sell. Unfortunately he said no. Mike here however, said yes.

Mike is a very sexy guy who has done some porn work for Lucas Entertainment. Now that he’s left that business and is happily loved up I wasn’t sure if he was going to be up for it. Thankfully Mike has no qualms with his past career and is proud of the photos that we took.

When I first set out to put this book together I was going to combine the two shoot that we did into one book but then I realised how many shots I had from each shoot and decided to keep them separate.

If you want to enjoy the 42 pages of Mike and his delicious, considerable assets then you can go to my shop and buy a download. Most of these images have never been seen before.

It was thoroughly pleasant revisiting these images. It’s not hard to figure out why either.