It can sometimes feel really difficult to find a good quality gay movie to watch. There are so many rubbish gay movies out there that make you wonder how on earth they got funding to get made.

Beach Rats is not one of those movies. It’s a beautiful if sad movie about a 19 year old from Brooklyn who is trying to deal with the death of his father, fitting in with his mates and at the same time struggling with his sexuality. While trying to keep a girlfriend for appearances and to do what “he should do” he also trawls webcam chat rooms and hooks up with older men.

The lead actor Harris Dickinson, is in every single scene of the film and he does a stunning job. Not only is he a gorgeous guy but all of his character Frankie’s emotions make their way across Harris’ face. It’s his first film role and even though he’s from London, his Brooklyn accent is flawless. He also deals with some pretty intense but beautifully filmed sex scenes, nudity and an intense storyline.

I can’t recommend this movie enough. It’s fantastic.