I’ve now been back in an office environment full time for the past three weeks. After nearly four months of sporadic work it’s a nice change. Someone once explained that extroverts aren’t necessarily people that need to be the life of the party, rather they are the people that get their energy from being around other people. That’s me. While I like my alone time, too much of it drives me crazy. So having 19 other people around me (plus an office dog at least once a week) has been really enjoyable.

For most of the time I was off work I kept to my routine of getting up relatively early and going to the gym so that hasn’t been a rude shock either.

One thing that I think my body is struggling with is working in a heavily air conditioned environment. My throat has been sore and there have been moments that I thought I was coming down with something but I still have energy to train and generally feel fine so I think it’s just dehydration. Fingers crossed that adjustment happens quickly.