One year ago today an Instagram account was born. In that short year the Naked Werewolves have amassed very very nearly 5,000 followers by sharing submitted photos of like minded followers.

Like minded how? We all enjoy being nude and enjoying life without the restriction of pants. Their page is genuinely a celebration of social nudity, solo nudity and just plain old nudity. There are no restrictions placed on the type of body you have to have to be posted.

One of the things I often find myself thinking when I’m nude at the beach is how very different the human body can be from person to person and why should we make some people feel like they can’t let theirs be seen? I say get your gear off and enjoy the freedom.

Meeting the moderators of the page when I went camping a month ago was fantastic. They are such genuine bunch of guys with cracking senses of humour.

Happy birthday to The Naked Werewolves!