I’m two weeks in to my eight week bodyweight transformation workout. While most gay men at the gym seem to be wanting to bulk up, I’m aiming to go the other way a little. Losing muscle is not on my agenda but after nearly hitting 90kg in the first half of last year I felt sluggish and lethargic. It also made it harder at circus classes.

Functional movement, flexibility and losing some fat is my goal. The last two weeks have also sadly seen me out at dinners etc nearly every night and eating/drinking the wrong things. So now that I’m getting used to the style of workout, if I shape up my diet and drinking habits for the rest of the six remaining weeks I will hopefully see a drastic improvement.

What is it about back fat that it is so stubborn. Belly fat and other areas of the body seem to respond but it seems so hard to lose those bits at the sides and on the back. So frustrating.

These are my “before” photos from two weeks ago. Let’s hope there is a difference when I get to the end.