Today I had a conversation with a friend who lives interstate that took an unusual turn. This guy has run a website for several years that started it’s life like this, a simple blog. In the last couple of years though he’s had a member’s only section to his blog with some fairly exhibitionistic content. In even more recent times that has taken a full porn turn with videos and photos of him being fucked but a range of guys and other explicit content.

He’s coming to Sydney for Mardi Gras and our conversation initially started with planning a catch up. By the end of the conversation we had decided that I was going to help him film a solo scene or if I could find someone willing, a fuck scene for his site.

I know a lot of photographers try and stick to their one main style of work and especially avoid anything adult because it might harm their “brand”. To be honest, I’m not chasing photography as a career and even if I did, this content wouldn’t be branded with my name anyway. There was even talk of me jumping in and filming me shagging him. I’m not sure that will happen and if it does I will be anonymous.

So, is there anyone hot and hung who is keen to film some relatively amateur porn around Mardi Gras time in Sydney? My mate needs a big cock to pound him on camera. Feel free to get in touch.