There are many traits that I like in a man. Obviously physical attractiveness is a good thing but it is so easily over ridden by one simple trait.

There is a guy that I’ve seen online for years on dudesnude and Grindr etc. I finally met him for the first time about 18 months ago and in more recent months I’ve run into him a few times and all of the physical attraction I’ve been feeling towards him for years is pretty rapidly receding. He’s never been rude and I think he’s essentially a nice enough person but there is a stench of arrogance around him. He knows he’s physically attractive, which is fine, but struts around as if that is all he needs.

One of the performers in the show on Friday night was very sexy, very. By the end of the show though I’d got a whiff of the arrogant from him too. Obviously that could have just been part of the character he played and I’m very likely wrong.

My own insecurities are probably partly to blame for the reaction I have to arrogant people. They intimidate me. What gives them the right to be so over supplied with confidence while I’m so lacking? Who knows but I do know it’s not something I find at all attractive.