Sydney Festival rolls around each year and is filled with arts, performances and a huge number of events. For the third year in a row I’ve been to see a show called Limbo which has evolved and changed each year that I’ve seen it. This year it’s called Limbo Unhinged. Most of the cast is new apart from the incredible Heather. Her Cheeky smirk belies an amazing talent for sword swallowing which has everyone in awe.

Each and every one of the cast is amazingly skilled and it’s one of the best circus shows of it’ kind that I’ve seen. From a very cool straps routine, tap dancing, a breath taking doubles Chinese pole routine, to acrobalance and hand balancing and my favourite an act where three of the cast are swaying above the crowd with just their legs strapped to the top of poles.

It doesn’t hurt that the cast are all sexy as hell. There isn’t a cast member who isn’t gorgeous. I may be gay but Heather has such a beautiful sexy, cheeky vibe that you are instantly charmed by her. The guys are all stunning and conveniently perform largely shirtless or even wearing less. I think my favourite was Remi who provides a lot of the comedy in the show and lots of the skin.

Seriously thought it is hard to single out any of the cast because they are all brilliant. If the show is coming to an area near you, go and see it!