This Friday, Kylie Minogue releases the first song from her upcoming 14th album, not including remix albums or best-of albums. Her last album, Kiss Me Once, was a bit disappointing and that was four years ago.

“Dancing” is to be the first single from the upcoming album “Golden” which some media are touting to be a “country” album. She has definitely done some recording in Nashville and I’m sure that will have an influence but Kylie is not a country artist and she would be mad to go country. I have heard Dancing and yes, there is some acoustic guitar in it but thankfully it is a catchy song that has a real summer vibe to it.

Fingers crossed for a great album and let’s pray that her new management get the release right. Her last label/management didn’t do that well at all.

In the mean time here is one of my old favourites of hers from 27 years ago. That’s right, 1991. She still looks as good too.