A few days into the new year I woke up early for a photo shoot. Less than a week before I’d had to cancel one with the lovely Timothy (previously here and here) due to rubbish weather.

Once again the weather looked awful. I went and collected Myles before we went to collect Lucas. Lucas was running a little late so Myles and I grabbed coffees before heading up to see if Lucas was ready. I was pretty much ready to call it off and Myles really didn’t seem keen because of the weather but Lucas was really keen and boy am I glad he was. By the time we drove to the National Park the weather was improving and by the time we walked down to the location I had planned on the lighting couldn’t have actually been better.

The sun was burning through the haze a little and it meant there were no hard shadows. Beautiful soft light filled the clearing which had huge fallen trees and palm fronds everywhere.

Myles had never done a nude shoot before and was a little bit nervous but did a great job. This is now the fifth time that I’ve worked with Lucas and while it was a long day, I’m really happy with the results. I’ll definitely be putting together a booklet to sell as a download at some stage soon.