Is it just me or do other people get caught out by a comment from a friend who offers an insight about how the rest of the world sees you?

It’s no surprise to me that at times my perspective on how I’m perceived is a little different to those around me. This morning I was at breakfast with some good mates of mine and one of them commented how different he thinks I am now compared to when he met me just over four years ago.

Apparently back then I came across as quite serious and a bit negative. That kind of shook me up a bit to hear. I know that some of the gay world sees me as no fun because I don’t go out taking copious amounts of party drugs and having tonnes of random sex. Interestingly though he says that these days I seem much happier, healthier and a lot more content.

I guess in some ways that’s true. The epiphany I had last year when I realised I’m actually fairly comfortable being single has done wonders. Sure there are times when I still miss intimacy and cuddles but there is also very little I can do about that apart from just getting on and enjoying life. They do say you’ll never be happy with anyone else if you aren’t happy with yourself after all.

It’s nice that people are seeing positive changes in my demeanour but it came as a bit of a surprise that they saw me in a completely different light to how I see myself a few years ago.