Every time we put ourselves in a new situation it takes a while to suss out the new dynamics of the environment. I’m finding myself adapting to two new environments at the moment. My new work environment which I’m really enjoying. Starting somewhere new at this time of year means that it’s not a stressful start. I do hope it gets a bit more busy over the next few weeks.

The other new environment is the new gym I’m going to. Once again I’m really enjoying it but it’s a very different dynamic to my previous gym. It’s a much more straight feeling gym than the old one but interestingly it does seem like there is a bit more nudity in the locker room.

To try and make the most of the new gym motivation I’ve bought an 8 week bodyweight transformation workout program which I will start on Monday. It looks like it might kill me but it could also make me feel great. Let’s see.