After a bit of an anonymous encounter in the bushes next to the nude beach last weekend, I have a question. The man in question, and others I’ve played with in the past, kept trying to face fuck me. Now I’m quite partial to some oral sex but I hate it when people try and fuck the back of my head out.

What is it about someone that they like to see someone choking on their cock? I’ve said it before but I prefer that both parties are enjoying the things that are happening. There is a lot of porn out there both straight and gay where the “submissive” partner is choking and crying while the top mercilessly uses their throat, or other orifices, regardless to their partner’s fun. Why?

Who the hell gets off on someone suffering? Or who is happy getting off without a care for the pleasure of the person they are with?

Note to anyone I might hook up with. If you throat fuck me, or try to, I will either bite you or send you on your way. Just don’t.