For about the last 6 years I’ve created a playlist in my iTunes at the start of the year and throughout the year I add songs that I really like. By the end of the year I end up with almost my soundtrack to the year.

It felt like it took a while to get going with 2017’s list but by the end of the year I had 25 songs. I was a bit nervous that there weren’t going to be any Kylie songs on there which would have been a first, but then she provided the vocals on “Still feels like the first time” by Zoot Woman. If I’m honest it wouldn’t have made the list if it weren’t for the Kylie factor.

The surprise for me was including two songs by Baker Boy, an aboriginal hip hop artist from here in Australia. I’m not normally a hip hop/rap fan but he doesn’t have that arrogance, rapping about money and how awesome he is. Instead he’s got really infectious rhythms that make me want to dance and he also raps in a combination of English and native language.

I’m sure none of you really care about the full playlist but if you want to know what it is, email me or comment asking on the Facebook page (still haven’t fixed comments here yet).