This morning I found a comment on my photography Instagram page on a photo of Anderson. I don’t think the particular shot in question is one of my best but I posted it because it didn’t need censoring and it’s hardly my worst effort. A guy whose Instagram is @differentkindofgay posted “Gay stereotype. #soulless”

That is so far from the truth. There is no exaggerated bulge in expensive swimwear, nor has it hasn’t been airbrushed or retouched into oblivion.

Of course I took myself off to his page to see his content trying to find enlightenment. It’s full of text based images about being  “truly happy” gay man. It’s very much against any form of gay cliche like muscle boys, dance parties, unattainable bodies etc. To be honest I like his message that there is more out there to being a gay man than a six pack, dance parties and anonymous sex. I also want to find monogamy and I don’t go out clubbing.

What is he going to achieve by posting troll-style comments on photography that actually isn’t anything like what he’s railing against?