Happy New Year to all you lovely Aussielicious readers. Some of you have been reading since the very beginning 12 years ago and I’m very appreciative of that.

Looking ahead for 2018 I’m hoping for a couple of changes in the near future. Firstly and most importantly I need to sort out the work situation. Starting in a week I have a month of freelancing work that has a chance of going permanent and having already done a couple of days in this office it is definitely a good bunch of people and a place I’d be happy to work.

The next item on the agenda is a new place to live. I have put up with quite a lot living with my current housemate and I’m at my limit. Being asked to move out of my room for a couple of weeks to make room for his Brother and Sister-in-law has been the tipping point for me. A place in a similar area sharing with someone who doesn’t mind if I don’t bother with pants ever now and then would be ideal.

Something I have no real control over but would love to happen is maybe some romance. It would be a very pleasant change of pace to meet someone. Who knows if it will happen but I know I’d really enjoy it.