Some highs and some lows, this year seemed to have a bit of everything. Of course the highs included ticking off my bucket list item of going to Iceland and having an amazing time exploring Europe again. If I could afford to travel all the time I would.

This year also saw me rediscover a little bit of my mojo and inner slut with some shenanigans in Europe and going to an orgy here in Sydney.

Of course the most important and rewarding part of the year was great time spent with family and friends which is always good for the soul.

Anyone that says they didn’t have any lows or problems in a year is lying and this year I got made redundant and spent a few months worrying about my career. There were also a couple of run ins that had been brewing for a while which resulted in people being culled from my life. That is disappointing as someone that doesn’t like confrontation but it was necessary.

All in all it’s been a great year though. As you can tell by my Instagram “Best Nine” from 2017 a lot of my year was spent naked. Here’s to much more of that kind of behaviour in 2018.