Everyone in this world is different and approach life differently. Sometimes that fascinates me and sometimes it just makes me think “What on earth are you thinking?”

At the Naked Werewolves camping trip Wolf Fest 2017, a guy turned up late in the afternoon on day 2 that knew of one of the organisers. He was a guy in his 50’s I’d guess and seemed nice enough but then proceeded to do things that just baffled me.

He set up his tent a fair way away but then kept drifting in and out of our camp which was absolutely fine but at one point he sat down right amongst us and sort of chatted but then also brought a book of crosswords and sat there doing them not chatting to us.

The next morning when we were all packing up and the whole campsite was being pulled down he wandered over with two frisbees. I would have thought it was pretty clear that we weren’t in a position to play with a tattoo.

Then as we were leaving he came over and gave me a hug goodbye which was a little awkward as he had never made an effort to introduce himself. Shortly after that he was chatting to one of the other guys when I went to say goodbye and he decided he needed another hug. Really? That just added a layer of creep to it all. Don’t insist on a nude hug when you don’t really know someone.