Over the years that I’ve been exploring social nudity the conversation about running into someone you know has come up many times. If you’ve been a nudie long enough it’s bound to have happened and for the most part, it’s rarely a big deal. After all the person you know is at the same place and probably nude too right?

I have only been genuinely uncomfortable once at the nude beach when I saw someone I know. It was a life-long family friend who isn’t a nudie. He was at the nude beach with a friend that wanted to go there. I was lying down about 15-20 metres away and once I saw that he was there, I didn’t stand up or go for a swim once. Just wasn’t going to happen. I’m not sure why. We had seen each other nude as kids and even after puberty but I just couldn’t do it.

This weekend I was in the pool at River Island with my mates when I saw a couple go in to the reception. The woman was someone who I’d gone through high school with. I didn’t think she’d seen me but when I did run into her beside the pool last night she said she’d seen me.

I have to say if I could pick anyone from my school years to see naked, I have to admit, she’s probably not at the top of that list. It was quite funny though and not awkward at all.