Since starting to compile digital downloads for sale, it’s caused me to go back through my catalogue to find shoots that are suitable. This one of Miguel from the shoots for my first ever gallery exhibition, Shrouded, was one of the ones that I noticed. It’s not suitable for a download, but it was nice to check out the shoot.

Coincidentally, while I hadn’t seen Miguel for a few years, I saw him last night at a Calendar launch for a project that he organised. He looks in great shape in the photos above but in the years since that shoot he’s been working out HARD! Check out his Instagram here.

The calendar is full of hot guys and the thing that struck me was that they were nearly all black men. Seriously hot buff black men. Australia is a very multicultural country with migrants from all sorts of parts of the world. Typically though I would say we don’t have a huge black population. I feel like last night every hot black person in Sydney was there.

Being a gay white man in a room full of black straight men I suddenly felt very much in the minority but I loved it. Challenging perceptions and comfort zones is something I’ve decided I want to do more of for myself. Being at a launch party for a calendar launch of hot men, not that tough to start with.