Now that I’ve started doing these digital downloads, I’m scouring my archives for suitable photo shoots that will work. Oddly in recent times because I haven’t been shooting for anything in particular, instead just making myself happy, I haven’t been thinking about how many shots I’m getting. Trying to fill a 24-36 page booklet changes that.

When I photographed him 2.5 years ago, the photos of Nathan were very popular, so they form this new download for sale! Nathan is one of those beautiful people. All chiselled features and sculpted abs and to top it all off he’s as prone to naked instagram photos as I am he just looks better doing it.

I know a few buyers were a little disappointed that the last download, of the beautiful Jorge, didn’t feature any full frontal but Jorge just doesn’t allow that. Luckily for thirsty lot, Nathan has no qualms about it.

Over the course of the day we relaxed on in the sunshine at Werrong Beach in the Royal National Park south of Sydney, and from time to time we’d get up and do some photos, on the sand, on the rocks, in rockpools and in the forest behind the beach. It was a very chilled out day.