For the last three nights, my circus school has been hosting their annual end of year show. Thankfully I was performing as part of my class group. Performing is something that I find very challenging. I love the back stage camaraderie and the actual performance part is kinda fun but the pre-show nerves for me get way out of control.

On Friday evening I had a little bit of a nervous vomit out the back door of the venue but that helped. On Saturday evening I wasn’t nervous because, irresponsibly, I had been out on the harbour for a friend’s birthday having too many champagnes. I was sober by the time I performed but I skipped the nervous bit which was refreshing.

Unfortunately none of the three shows were perfect. As I said, I get nervous and it resulted in me forgetting a trick completely last night and making some silly decisions the other nights. Oh well, it’s a very amateur show. There have been talks of doing a more adult show at some point which I’d love to do as some of the school shows can be a bit cheesy to cater for an all ages audience.

"Entangled" Dress Rehearsal from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.