On Thursday afternoon, shortly before 6pm, Australia legalised Same Sex Marriage. Once the public vote results came in on 15th November it feels like it’s all happened very quickly.

There were only four members of Parliament who voted against the bill and a few more than that who abstained. One of those abstainers was our gutless former Prime Minister who instigated the idea of the public vote, Tony Abbott. His own electorate voted 75% Yes in the vote and yet he campaigned long and hard against equality and then campaigned hard for religious freedom amendments. He had said it was crucial to have democracy and let the people have their say but when it came down to it he chickened out of representing his electorate’s wishes or even having the backbone to vote with his own opinions.

As of today, LGBTIQ couples can fill out the Notice of Intent to Marry form which means that on 9th of January the first same sex weddings will occur in Australia.

As a wedding celebrant I have already confirmed two same sex weddings and possibly another which may even be a nude one. I can’t wait!