Today is looking like a very big day.

Firstly all the little normal stuff. It’s a beautiful day here today and normally I’d hit the beach with my junk out as soon as I could but a mate wants to come with me and he’s not available til midday so I’ll collect him around then and we’ll head down for a few hours this afternoon. That is probably better with the tides.

So my morning will be spent doing job applications, looking for other avenues and getting all that sorted. Then this afternoon it’s more naked in the sunshine time like I did last Friday. What a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

This afternoon it is looking increasingly likely that the Australian Parliament will finally vote in the final stage of the Marriage Equality Bill. There are enough members who like the bill the way it is who are planning on blocking all the religious freedom (i.e. discrimination) amendments. If one or any of those amendments is successful it will mean the debate goes on and on and round and round which won’t happen until next year. Thankfully it’s looking like none of them will be successful and the Bill will be passed as is today.

Fingers crossed by the time I go to bed tonight, Australia will have Marriage Equality and I’ll be an equal citizen in the eyes of the law. I’m expecting more tears.