The Harvey Weinstein scandal has given a lot of sexual assault victims the courage to finally come forward with stories of a huge number of other sexual predators. This morning I heard of another one which has made me very sad.

Bruce Weber is a legendary photographer, published in countless high end magazines and largely credited for creating the Abercrombie and Fitch look and in particular their famous quarterly magazine. Given the content of those magazines and his style I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear that he is being sued by a male model.

This article outlines what he is being accused of. I found out from a Facebook post from a model friend in the US who posted that he was waiting for this one to come out. Apparently, like all the other guys Mr Weber has a long history of this behaviour.

I do my best to be respectful on my shoots towards my models but I keep hearing stories of other photographers touching and being very suggestive towards models so I’m going to be extra careful now. It’s just disgusting behaviour.