If you are looking for 28 pages of artistic erotic goodness, then head on over to my shop to purchase cybEROTICA. All the images created for QAMA Technology, many never before published. The magazine only had five images in the publication and here we have many more. Dave was such a great model to work with and ready to do what he had to do to achieve the images that I had in mind.

I’m still getting used to creating erotic imagery and asking people to get an erection in front of my camera. It’s a very fine line to walk creating imagery that is both beautiful as well as erotic. Thankfully so far I think we are managing it.

You can buy cybEROTICA at brentonparry.com as well as (DON’T) LOOK if you haven’t already bought that. Over time I will be adding more and more of these digital downloads to the store. Don’t forget that limited edition hand signed and numbered art prints are also available.

If anyone knows any hot guys that you think I should photograph and they are live in or near Sydney, or are planning to be here please send them my way!