Two weeks ago tomorrow, Australia voted YES to marriage equality. The very next day a bill to legalise same sex marriage was tabled to Australian Parliament. Parliament is focusing on that bill this week and today the amendments to the bill tabled by the conservatives arguing for greater religious freedom, i.e. the ability to discriminate, are being debated. No doubt there are also amendments to the exact wording of the bill etc being debated as well.

I have no idea how long amendments and the bill itself are going to take but our Prime Minister, for the time being, has said that if the Yes vote won he expected the bill to sail through Parliament and the issue to be resolved before Christmas. God I hope so. The conservatives for some reason believe that if they defeat this bill (they won’t) then the LGBTIQ community will give up their fight for legal marriage equality. The LGBTIQ community has never backed down from a fight and the equality movement has only gained momentum in the last few years.

The video below is Sarah Hanson Young, a Senator in the Greens party giving a very emotional speech backing equality.