I’m notoriously good at procrastinating and procrasturbating but I’m making concerted efforts to not do that and last week I was put in touch with Mr Gay Brazil 2016, Rafael. He is in town for a few months having adventures. Normally I’d suggest a catch up about a shoot and it would take ages but right now I have free time and we made plans for a shoot a couple of days later. Thursday morning I picked Rafael up at 6.30 am and we had him nude on the beach by 7.00.

Maybe I just need to focus on international guys visiting Sydney if I want to do full frontal. Rafael had no dramas with going frontal even though he was a little cool and said he wasn’t as impressive as he should have been. He still didn’t care.

I’m hoping that we get to organise a studio shoot with him while he’s in town as well and do something a bit different. He was so easy to work with and even though we had some language barriers we still had a really fun shoot with some good laughs. His English is really good but heavily accented which is understandable and after only one coffee maybe I wasn’t fully up to speed.